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A Larger Sea (1994)

Acuarela Records (AQ 003).
45t / 7" = 3 Tracks

Side A : A larger sea
Side B : Non, ne discute pas la vérité + Today is a wide place


Magic! #1

Depuis son fort bel album, Carmine était fort discret. Aujourd'hui, ils reviennent par une porte dérobée le temps d'un single enregistré en collaboration avec le mini-label espagnol Acuarela. Trois titres mystérieux et aériens, minimalistes et passionnants.
A larger sea, chanté par Julien et Isabelle en dialogue de sourds, est une fausse comptine où une flûte berce tranquillement l'auditeur avant le reveil en sursaut d'un final apocalyptique.
Non, ne discute pas... allie fausse candeur et intelligence alors que Today is a wide place surprend par l'emploi d'un xylophone, oppresse puis charme.
Jamais très loin de Pram, Carmine confirme ici son ingéniosité et prouve, une fois encore, que l'on peut allier expérimentation et mélodie.
Timothey Toonay

Webzine :

One year after their debut album, “Visual”, and one year before their second one “Lumielle”, the French band Carmine released this 7 inch as the third release on the – at this time – emerging Spanish label Acuarela.
It is here that Carmine started to build their myth as a precious, original, melancholic, subtle, underestimated and understated band, and each of these three songs are already good reasons for that.
The title track sounds is on the same wavelength with the kind of music UK bands like Stereolab, Pram or Long fin Killie were releasing at the same time.
The best song here is absolutely “Non”, Isabelle and Julien sing in French but if you are not attentive you won’t notice it’s in French, the music is quite simple and minimal, with a delicate tension that can also recall the early days of Movietone and Hood, with cold ethereal ambiences and an almost slowcore structure. The last song “Today is a wide place” is laid-back, lo-fi and happier and reminds me of The Pastels.
Didier Goudeseune - 13 Jul 07

Source inconnue

Carmine (formerly Candle) owe a debt to Pram in the way they turn low-key into slightly unsettling, and their use of what sound like toy instruments and a cheap casio; their quiet power also stands out on its own. Two songs are in English, one in French; whatever the language, lyrics are barely audible.
- Elisabeth Vincentelli

Source inconnue

Nothing I've ever heard from Spain prepared me for the feather-light loveliness of this little platter. Fragile femme and sulien male vox intertwine around an introverted guitar strum brightened by flute and violin filigree. You've probably heard it before, but who cares, when it's done so well ?

Le recto du 45t / 7"

La première page intérieure

La deuxième page intérieure

2 morceaux extraits du EP "A Larger Sea"
(Karina Square/Acuarela records)
dont la version rare du morceau "Non ne discute pas la vérité"
qui figure sur l'album "Lumielle" sorti en 1995.

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